So why Diving in the Maldives?

  Diving in the Maldives is about exotic underwater flora and fauna. The underwater species variety and abundance has made the islands of Maldives an amazing diving spot. Today, it boasts some of the most beautiful coral reefs inhabited by a wide range of aquatic life, there really is another whole world 'under the sea'.

The isolation of the Maldives from other landmasses makes it a great place of a variety of marine species to breed. Besides, the seasonal oceanic currents passing through the country have created new channels from the ocean to the different atolls. The channels known as Dhivehi or Kandu, support a highly rich marine ecosystem.

When you Scuba dive in Maldives you can see fascinating fish species like Tuna, Jacks, Butterfly fish, Wahoo, Dogtooth Tuna, Trevally's, and rare species such as the giant Napoleon Wrasse. Apart from this, you can also get a glimpse of aquatic animals like sharks, anemones, turtles, eels and rays. Whale sharks and mantas can be seen during the fall season and late summer season.

Maldives Diving

Boat Diving

In the Maldives, the dive centres are quite experienced at managing divers with different abilities. Nearly, all the islands offer different types of diving programmes, so all you need to do is just pay for a 'boat ride' and dive from the boat. You pay and dive, as many times you want depending on your budget.

House Reef Diving

This is a very popular form of diving in the reef of the islands. These diving excavations are generally unguided and most of the dive centres offer a minimum of some 40 logged dives to make the most out of the pack. The dive centres generally provide you with every detail about the safe dive points, the present currents and the entry and exit points. They also provide you with diving kit.


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The most popular diving spots in the Maldives

Among the 1200 islands of the Republic of Maldives, some of the most popular diving sites are:

Cocoa Corner: Located near Guraidoo, if you get the right condition and current, you may get at the top and see the best shark show in the entire Male Atoll. Cocoa Corner is in fact a very popular Maldives diving spot.

Kandooma Thila: Kandooma Thila, also near Guraidoo, is in the shape of a teardrop and it is one of the best dive spots in South Male Atoll. It houses a spectacular fish life and witnesses strong currents.

Broken Rock: Broken Rock is the South Ari Atoll don't-miss dive location. This 'Thila' or vaulting rock has a two-meter wide canyon that divides it into two parts.

Banana Reef: This is perhaps the first dive spot to be discovered in the Maldives and is in the shape of a banana in the northeastern side with gutters and caves.

Gangehi Kandu: It is one of the longest channels in the Ari Atoll with a drift of over 2.5 km form the entrance of the channel to the end.

Other popular dive spots in the country include the famous Fish Head, HP Reef, Fotteyo Kandu, Kuda Haa and Maldives Victory Wreck among others. The most popular diving sites in Maldives are the Ari and Baa Atoll and the surrounding islands. The more enthusiastic divers can opt for more secluded places like Felidhu and Guraidhoo. On the other hand, Hanifaru Bay is famous for Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.


Diving in the Maldives with best price guarantee

Getting to know the best diving spots in Male area

The wonderful underwater world makes diving in the Maldives an exciting activity. Some of the Maldives diving is done by tourists from liveaboards in which you let the current take you along. The diving sites in the country are perfect for all experience levels – provided you choose the right spot. Guraidoo Island has a dive school so you can start as a beginner or arrange advanced dives if you're more experienced. Also, if you really want to find out about diving in the area then chat with the local young divers and dive instructors. Some of them also work in the souvenir shops on the island.

The best season to dive in the Maldives

Diving in the Maldives can be done almost throughout the year barring the wet season from May to August when restrictions of some popular dive sites are imposed due to poor visibility. However, April, May and June are the hottest months and planktons bloom in large quantities inviting whale sharks and manta rays. The season from December to March is ideal for perfect underwater visibility.  

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Diving in the Maldives with best price guarantee