Maldives Fish and Marine life

The Maldives are known for the hundreds of varieties of fish and marine life that they sustain. Fisherman, marine biologists and tourists come from all over the world to experience the diversity of Maldives fish.


Maldives Coral Reefs

There are exotic coral reefs that almost completely surround the atolls that make up the Maldives islands. Popular theory suggests that these coral reefs are the indirect product of a volcanic eruption that took place several thousand years ago, but the coral continues to live and thrive in large colonies throughout the islands. As with the coral reefs found elsewhere in the world, the reefs in the Maldives are home to hundreds of different species of tropical fish, sharks and other types of marine life.  

Maldives Fishing Industry

Fishing is the second largest industry in the Maldives–second only to tourism–and employs over half of the Maldivian workforce. Common game fish in the Maldives include tuna, snapper, barracuda, squirrel fish and grouper. Although the majority of the fish that is caught in the Maldives is exported to provide income to the nation, locals and tourists alike enjoy catching–and devouring–more than a dozen game fish that are common to the area. Several resorts on the islands cater to tourists interested in fishing the life-rich Maldivian water, but locals are happy to provide eager tourists with tips and places to catch the best Maldives fish.


Maldives Fish


Scientific Exploration

For decades, marine biologists have studied the hundreds of life forms found just off the coast of the Maldives. The coral reefs that make up part of the islands are home to many species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The translucent waters that are warm year-round make Maldives fish a sight to behold, and scientists from all over the world jump at the chance to study in the Maldives. The pristine conditions found here help marine biologists better understand how to preserve coral reefs and similar ecosystems elsewhere on the planet. The thriving marine life of the Maldives islands is more diverse and beautiful than anywhere else on Earth.

Maldives Fish and Tourism

Although fishing and scientific exploration play a very large role in sustaining the Maldivian culture, tourism is by far the leading cash generator for the nation. Millions of tourists come to the islands every year from all over the world. Maldivian fish play a crucial role in driving tourism; scuba diving and deep-sea fishing expeditions are great activities for tourists and their profits help keep the islands and their culture afloat. Locals are aware of which fish live in certain areas and are able to lead diving expeditions that leave people breathless. In these tropical waters, it is even possible for a tourist to be the first to spot a previously undiscovered species of Maldives fish. Maldives fish have played a crucial role in the development of the Maldivian nation and allowed its people to continue living as they have for centuries. Whether game fish, a new species, or one of the hundreds of beautiful specimens found just off the coast, Maldivian fish play integral role in sustaining their culture.