World Class Snorkelling in Maldives

  The clear, warm water and diverse marine life make snorkelling in the Maldives one of the best sites in the world. The countless reefs throughout the Atolls each offer a unique experience. Some lagoons are even so close to shore that a few kicks and strokes and you're swimming amidst the friendly fish. The reefs all over the Maldives are inhabited by various kinds of aquatic flora and fauna and are great for a relaxing day watching fish on the reef.  


A Simple but Amazing Activity

Snorkelling in Maldives is a low risk and low cost way to discover the shallow reefs and the amazing underwater world. With just a snorkelling mask and flippers, a swim through a channel in the coral reefs can be the most incredible experience for any beginner-diver in the Maldives. Though most islands have access to diving and snorkelling, the best ones are known to have narrow reef flats along with many wide lagoons and channels. The slopes of the reefs often have features like terraces, cliffs and caves.

Maldives' marine life comprises almost 70 species of vivid coral and 700 species of aquatic animals and fish. While you may see a larger range of species if you go diving, snorkelling in the Maldives will definitely still show you a wide range of fish and give you a taste of the undersea world.

The Maldives is considered one of the best places for beginners in snorkelling and scuba diving. Learning snorkelling in Maldives is quite cheap in comparison to other places. Guest houses usually have equipment for hire and arrange trips to snorkelling sites upon request. Or you can just take the mask and fins and check out the reef around the islands.

When and How to Go

You get the best underwater visibility in the Maldives between January and March but you can go snorkelling all year round. Most of the resorts and diving schools offer guided snorkelling trips but some real snorkelling gems can be discovered if you are staying in a guesthouse you can go independently with a friend or your small group and avoid large tourist groups. Your local Dhoni boat can take you where the tourist groups don't visit.

The Right Fit

Make sure the equipment you use for snorkelling fits properly. Check whether your mask fits snugly into your face by breathing through the nose. If you lean forward the mask should not fall off from your face. Also, select fins that are comfortable and fit easily but that won't fall off. The best advice is to try them out before getting too far from the boat or island, if your mask keeps filling with water or your fins keep falling off you won't be able to see much and you may not enjoy yourself. The temperate weather and abundant marine life makes this an irresistible snorkelling and diving destination. Snorkelling in Maldives is popular all year round so when you visit Maldives, do not forget to include this fascinating activity in your 'to-do list.' Ask us about snorkelling when you make your booking !