Favorite Maldives Beaches

  It's thanks to Maldives beaches that people dream of a vacation here. The Maldives is an island nation located on the Indian Ocean to the south western part of India and Sri Lanka. This small Asian country comprises nearly 1200 coral islands that form an archipelago of 27 atolls. The stunning corals reefs, blue lagoons and powdery white beaches complete the picture of the Maldives as a gorgeous tourist destination.

The sandy, white and pristine beaches in Maldives are its prime tourist attractions. In fact, due to the coral reefs and beautiful beaches, the country is considered one of the most preferred beach destinations. The beaches offer a very serene atmosphere and provide the opportunity to enjoy the palm trees, tropical fruits and coconut trees.

Other than relaxing and sun-bathing at the beaches, tourists can also opt for adventurous water sports activities like parasailing, snorkelling, wake boarding, wind surfing, catamaran sailing and diving. From the shore you can even see small sharks, fish and crabs a plenty. Swimming and fishing are the other activities that are enjoyed by tourists. You can catch several game fishes with the help of the Maldivian fisherman.  




Popular and Romantic Beaches

Of all the Maldives Beaches, some of the most remarkable ones are Nalaguraidhoo, Banyan Tree Island, Sun Island, Nika and Cocoa Island. These beaches have a variety of tropical vegetation and the most colourful marine life. Most of these attractive beaches have magnificent lagoons, like Cocoa Island near Guraidhoo, which is ideal for swimming and enjoying the simplicity of sun, shade and sand.

One of the most popular beaches in Maldives is the Veligandu Island beach. The enchanting golden sand adds to the beauty of the beach, with its snorkelling activities and wonderful marine life. Apart from unlimited relaxation, the beaches in Male also offer deep sea diving to explore the marine life more interestingly. The beaches of Kuda Bandos Island and uninhabited islands around Guraidhoo Island are considered the some of the most romantic beaches of Maldives.

Besides the beauty and serenity, the beaches also have beautiful and well-facilitated resorts, hotels and guesthouses on their shores or nearby. Though many of the islands have luxury resorts, staying in guest houses provides all the facilities you need for comfort and can bring you "up, close and personal" with the locals of the islands.

Tourists can simply enjoy a stroll in the serene environment of the beaches or a meal under the shade of the tall palm trees. Lined with palm trees, the island shores offer a shady abode for the strollers. The temperature at the Maldives Beaches usually ranges between 29 and 32 degree C, which is perfect for soaking up the sun and for water sports.