Maldives Weather Always Summer !

  Maldives weather owes its seasons to its location at the equator. The Maldives enjoys a tropical dry season and a wet monsoon. With its pleasant and consistent weather, most tourists, especially the Europeans consider the dry season to be the ideal time for visiting Maldives. Moreover, the water temperature of the seas never drops below 25 degree C, which makes it ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling. Maldives also enjoys an average sunshine of 8 hours every day in a 12 hour day, irrespective of the season.

The surrounding Indian Ocean plays a great role influencing the weather conditions. It acts like a heat buffer and regulator by absorbing and slowly releasing the tropical heat. Another factor affecting its weather is the huge landmass of South Asia, located to its north which is responsible for the differences in the heating of water and land. The Maldives climate is characterised by high humidity but it does not cause inconvenience to the tourists due to the constant cool sea breeze.  

Maldives Weather is Tropical

The Maldives has 2 seasons: wet and dry. The wet monsoon season is from May to November/December; dry tropical season is from December to April (which is also the best months to visit the country). Nonetheless, it experiences a year-round tropical climate due to its location on the equator.

During the dry season, the country experiences a little rain and extra hours of sunlight. During the wet season, rains are expected but the temperature is still warm. There can be heavy showers with strong winds.

The average temperature is 27-30 C (82 F). Temperature rarely drops below 25 C (77 F) and there is only a slight change of temperature is noticed within every 24 hours. In general, the southern part of the Maldives receives much more rainfall than the northern part. Sudden rain bursts happen from time to time, sometimes in the early morning, getting it out of the way before you're even up. Overall, the weather in Maldives remains pleasant throughout the year and is a delight to the tourists from all over the world.

Clothing for the Maldives Weather

Since it is generally hot and humid in the Maldives, it is advised that visitors should wear light t-shirts and shorts. If you are going there for a business meeting, the attire is usually casual. If you plan to visit during the rainy season, bring a light rain jacket. If you are in the capital, Male, or on local, inhabited islands it's suggested that you wear modest clothes. The country is a Muslim nation so to be respectful nudity or partial nudity is prohibited. From local islands the uninhabited and resort islands are easily accessible for excursions where typical swimwear is the norm.