Travel to Maldives Made Easy

Travel to Maldives will hopefully be an insignificant part of your holiday – since your mind will be on more important things like sandy beaches and sunsets over turquoise, blue waters. Still, you'll be wondering how to plan your journey into these remote islands barely visible without zooming in many times on Google maps.  

Travel Tips

A holiday to the Maldives is much like trip to any other tropical destination with some unique qualities you'll want to become familiar with. Whether you've travelled before or you're planning your first dream vacation, check out our travel planning tips and checklist.

Budget stay

You might go all out and book a 5-star resort holiday, go with the mainstream, but we think guest houses are the way to go. Especially if you don't happen to have an unlimited budget the case for most of us. These Maldives budget options won't feel like you're making a sacrifice on quality or comfort though while you soak up some of the most scenery in the world.


You can find out more about Maldives flights here. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a flight though they may only be available on certain days of the week so check before you book any work holidays or accommodation. The key is to compare to get the best deal. There are so many websites out there and if you start looking early it will give you some time to wait for a great deal.

In terms of getting to your accommodation, each guest house page has details about the transfer from the airport. They range from 2 to 10 hours by ferry with airport hotel options as well.

Male Maldives

The Male airport is your door into this expansive group of little islands in the Indian Ocean. It is very practical to roam around the capital city of Male on the first day or on the last day of the vacation. Male Maldives, located just a 20 minute boat ride from the Male Airport, is a place you might consider visiting if you have some extra time for shopping or cultural attractions and are interested in more than plopping yourself on the beach for your holiday. Although, there's certainly nothing wrong with that!

When to go

Isn't it amazing that there is a place where the sun is shining at its best at the time when you are shovelling snow from your doorsteps or battling weeks on end of rainy weather? The small group of about 1200 islands called the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean near the equator. So even if it is freezing cold or dreary in most parts of North America, Europe and the UK, the Maldives, in contrast, offers days on end of tropical sunny weather. That said, the best months to visit the country are from December to April. Airfare, hotel accommodation and other services increase during the peak season. Off-peak season, on the other hand, can be cheaper but that doesn't mean that you can't have a warm relaxing holiday. After all, if resting and relaxation without too much crowd are what you are looking for, traveling to Maldives from May to November can be a better option (just watch out for some possible downpours here and there.



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